Why  waste time in Shanghai...

 When here at your finger tips you have all the info you need about Shanghai from the ins and outs of Shanghai shopping, how to get there with the latest shanghai subway map, what there is to see in Shanghai museum, catching the maglev in Shanghai, be seen at the the newest Shanghai nightlife spot, but that's not all to get the these places the latest Shanghai map with it's own built-in Chinese English Phrasebooks, and it's companion Shanghai Street index, advice on the best located hotels in shanghai...

Be Smart in Shanghai...

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1st Edition Map of Shanghai
Based on 2 reviews.
Map of Shanghai (1st Edition 2007) The best map of Shanghai at only $0.97 ... A REAL SHANGHAI ..
SH Street Index Book  (no map)
Based on 0 reviews.
18 page Shanghai Street Index Book This is a "stang alone" 18 page (A4/Letter size ..
Free SH metro map
Based on 0 reviews.
 SH Metro Free Map Shanghai Metro Free Map for you to download. This is the latest..
SH airport bus map Free
Based on 0 reviews.
SH airport bus map Free (update v4 - printable in high res) A low resolution (0.3MB) digital ..
Shanghai airport bus map
Based on 0 reviews.
Shanghai airport bus map (new update 5 - 2012) High resolution (1.4MB) Shanghai Airport Bus M..
Shanghai Subway update 7.2
Based on 0 reviews.
This is the latest update of the Trax2 Shanghai Subway Digital map Update v7.2 (Aug 2011) Sha..
2nd Edition Shanghai China Map
Based on 1 reviews.
Shanghai China a New 2nd Edition Map of Shanghai Are you aware that a physical map ..