ChangYang Travel Guide

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ChangYang Travel Guide

This Part 3 of a 4 part Series which include a Guilin Guide, LongJi Guide and a YangShuo Guide all 4 are comprehensive detail Travel Guides of their specific areas. Available individually as free downloads with watermark or as one high resolution 4 Page download called  GuiLin Tour Guide with maps with no watermarks.

From GuiLin, buses ( see Guilin map [ includes Guilin, Yangshuo, Dali, Lijiang set of 4 popular maps ] or this detail 4 page GuiLin Tour Guide with maps ) arrive at the South SanJiang Bus Station, change for any bus that goes to LinXi or beyond...

... at MaAn Village. Most GH/Hotels are clustered in and around this village. ChangYang is a Dong monorities area famous for wood buildings like their “Wind & Rain Bridges” and Drum Towers. The Dong are master wood builders..

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