2nd Edition Map of Beijing

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Beijing China is the New Updated 2nd Edition Map of Beijing

This Beijing map is better than any Beijing “app”

There are Beijing China map apps around that can be downloaded to smart phones. But this is one case were a map is better than an app. As this physical map of Beijing shows the big picture, something that is difficult for a tiny phone screen or for that matter a tablet.

And as with all Trax2 maps the Beijing transit system is overlayed on top with the city streets making this a very handy tool too, particularly with numbered bus lines included.

Note that this Trax2 Beijing map has been designed, researched and published by Trax2 and is only available here or authorized retail outlets.

So be sure to get the only genuine Trax2 Beijing map which includes the overlay of bus routes and subways over of the streets.

Now armed with this user-friendly map, everyone will soon be navigating around Beijing like a native.

New 2nd Edition Map of Beijing with it's own built-in Chinese and English phrasebook
 now includes all these following downloads for free...
 latest Beijing subway map (v2.24); 15 page Beijing Street Index

This is the only Beijing map that folds to 98 x 210 mm (3.75 x 8.5 inches) making it very pocket friendly and opens to a large 557 x 430 mm size

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