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Dali Surrounds eMap (part of the  "CHINA PIZZA TRAIL" set of Maps

This Dali regional area map not only covers the Dali area but stretches west all the way to Ruili on the Burma (Myanmar) border and everything in between from the roads around the Baoshan area, north to the "3 Parallel Rivers" (UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Mekong (Lancang Jiang), Nujiang (Salween) and Dulong Jiang Rivers. And closer to Dali, Yunlong Town and its famous little brother the ancient mud brick village of Nuodeng just a little further north, with roads that continue on to the Lijiang region.
South there is the religious taoist mountains of Webao Shan, west there's Shimen Guan, north Shibao Shan and east Jizu Shan.
Hot springs at Eryuan and the tea and walnut plantions at Yangbi.

Now for the first time you can download all the 8 maps as individual eMaps.PLUS all Trax2maps are complete multi-lingual in English and Chinese with built in local Chinese Phrase Books.

The Trax2 eMaps are digitally designed and have been optimized for viewing all devices and print optimized for printing High Quality at home.

Other eMaps in the series are Yangshuo, Lijiang, and Guilin Maps.

This Set of 4 maps includes Guilin City and Area Maps, Yangshuo Village and Area maps, (in GuangXi) and Dali Old Town plus local area map and Lijiang Ancient Town plus all areas incluging a treking map of Tiger Gorge map (in northwest Yunnan).

These 4 completely unique places represent the most diverse and most popular visited places in southern China

Collectively these 4 towns and areas are referred to as the China Pizza Trail.
This trail was started from the very beginnings of when tourism first opened in China way back in the early 80’s and late 70’s, long before there was 4-5 star hotels. Read more about the  China Pizza Trail and how it was started...

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