Chinese Food Set of playing cards | Chinese food

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Chinese Food Set of 52 playing cards | Chinese food

These 52 premium LAMINATED Chinese Food Set of Cards are divided as so...

HEARTS for a healthy tasty living style.
Dishes for vegetarians, health conscience people who don’t want to skip out on good taste.

SPADES for  meat lovers.
Finger licking meaty flavors, meat flavors that are enhanced with oil, frying and steaming.

DIAMONDS for sweets, cakes and some “all time favorites”.
But mostly for people with a sweet taste.

CLUBS for light, quick, simple meals, noodles and snacks.
For people who want to snack all day long, long on taste, short on time.

Now you can play with your food and never get your hands dirty with these specially designed 52 Chinese food set of cards

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