Kunming China

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Kunming China

Trax2 Kunming China is a lot more than just a KunMing Map, with a KunMing City map on one side and on the other side a complete YunNan map that stretches all the way into Tibet, SiChuan and half of GuiZhou and GuangXi. But that's not all it even has all the over land routes from Vietnam, Laos and Burma (Myanmar) too. PLUS ...

As a design BONUS this KunMing Map with Map of YunNan includes its own built-in localized Mandarin and English phrasebook!

Why carry a Clumsy, awkward, bulky and outdated guide book and a phrase book when one sheet (that fits into your top pocket) covers much more...

Now for the FIRST TIME EVER included with every order is this 7 page A4 KunMing Street Index as a free download. Now you can search for all the Kunming street and road names in Chinese and English on the spot anytime you want...




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