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China Rail Map PDF Large A3 (420 x 297mm or 16.54 x 11.69 inch) size

This China Rail map is better than an “app”

Certainly there are China map apps around that can be downloaded to smart phones. But this is one case were a map is better than an app. As this physical Railroad map of China shows the whole picture, something that is impossible on a tiny phone screen or tablet.

Clear, high resolution A3  China Train Map  pdf  showing all the rail network of China. including the latest China Bullet Train network

This China Rail Map ideal for planning all your train travel.

Planning ahead you could travel from Lhasa Tibet, to Kashgar in XinJiang or go from the furtherest north in GuLian to China's most southern tip at SanYa.

And of course bullet trains are connecting Beijing, Shanghai, XiAn (known as the "Golden Triangle") day and night.

Train travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen to Guangzhou to Kunming and to Chengdu make possibilities endless.

Like traveling along the famous China Pizza Trail  that covers the most visited areas in southern China Guilin, Yangshuo (connected via express bus just 60 odd kilometers away) in Guangxi to Dali and Lijiang are all reach able by train.

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